Current areas
of business

Apollon SE is an active investment holding headquartered in Salzburg, Elsbethen. The company’s business activities centre around medicine and healthcare.


Apollon’s business centres around the management of investments. Its aim is to generate added value for every one of its investment companies.


Schön Klinik is a private hospital group with a focus on psychosomatics, orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and internal medicine. At 22 locations in Germany and 4 locations in England, around 10,200 experienced doctors, nurses and therapists treat more than 320,000 patients a year. These specialised clinics offer outstanding medicine and the highest-quality care.

Silony Medical develops implants and instruments for use in surgical treatment of the spine. The company evolves and improves its systems constantly so that they fulfil the needs of patients, doctors and hospital personnel in the best possible way. Experienced and highly professional, Silony designs winning solutions.

Orthopädietechnik München Harlaching specialises in orthotics, prosthetics and compression therapy. Its high-end product range encompasses clinical, paediatric and geriatric orthopaedic equipment as well as supplying epitheses, compression therapy and rehabilitation technology. High technology and craftsmanship combine to produce tailor-made solutions.

Orthopädietechnik Chiemgau in Vogtareuth offers a wide range of products in the fields of orthotics, prosthetics, rehabilitation technology and compression therapy as well as epitheses. Years of experience and the latest technology guarantee the very highest level of quality for doctors, therapists and patients, as well as the best possible care in the medical business.

Orthopädietechnik Hamburg supplies top-quality orthotic and prosthetic products. Key principles include timely services and close communication between patient, doctor, therapist and orthopaedic technician. Professional expertise and experience ensure the implementation of new concepts along with maximum quality. The company specialises in care for children.

Orthopädietechnik Neustadt manufactures and markets high-quality products for the areas of orthotics and prosthetics. Unrivalled quality, excellent service, patient orientation and the experienced expertise of its staff ensure patients receive exceptional treatment.